Driveway Portfolio
A preview of our Driveway and Patio work.

Residential Driveway
May 21, 2009

Block paved driveway for residential dwelling. Black header brickwork with matching black engineering bricks on new wall. Block paving can be used to create driveways, patios and paths. As from October 2008 all driveways constructed from non porous materials must not direct any surface rain water away from their dwelling (i.e. on to the highway) there is a few different ways you can direct the surface water.

Patio Paving
Febuary 12, 2010

Patio constructed at rear of property. Brickwork base with sub base fill to raise height. Drainage encorperated with access mancover.

Garden Path Paving
October 23, 2009

Part of a garden redesign, we laid a new block paved path. Shown here is a useful tool we use, a Whacker Plate to level earth and blocks into a compact base to avoid subsidence and dipping.

Steps with Lighting
May 20, 2010

Illuminated steps leading from patio paved area to garden at a lower height. Matching colour header brickwork with waterproof, electrician installed lighting paving lamps.

Driveway Paving
August 20, 2010

Newly created driveway paving at front of house giving additional hard standing.

Patio Cleaning
June 20, 2011


Driveway or Patio Cleaning
June 20, 2011